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Welcome to the Cork and Bottle Direct. We are a boutique online wine business with a passion for premium-quality wine at no nonsense prices.  Since the legendary Don Hewitson established the Cork and Bottle Wine Bar in London's Leicester Square back in 1972, we have developed a reputation with outstanding growers around the world who give us access to some of the finest wines available, even some that had previously only found their way to a few lucky locals.

The wine bar has grown from humble roots to become an iconic venue, not just with our friends in London, but it is a favourite of many wine lovers across the globe.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our obsessive quest for great wine, combined with our sense of discovery. This website is driven by regulars at the Cork and Bottle wanting access to our wines away from the venue, to enjoy at home or send as gifts. So, please browse our range of over 200 wines, each hand-selected for you to enjoy.

Whether you’ve come to the website to indulge yourself, choose a present for a loved one or select a corporate gift, we’re delighted that you share our passion for great wine.


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